Senior year observations

We’re more than halfway done with senior year! Or I am anyways. Honestly, I’ve never been big on school spirit, and I’m still not. But our class community is so different this year.

Some of that might just have to do with me. The beginning of this year was probably the most stressful period of my life. I mean really. It was rough. I guess I’ve come out of it with a different perspective. I’m much more outgoing and bold now, maybe or maybe not because of it.

Regardless, I don’t have the anxieties regarding my peers as I did freshman year. For example, I don’t dread assigned groups; I know I can work with the majority of these kids. When we are in groups, I’ve noticed people are a lot more inclined to talk to those that don’t run in their normal group of friends

I’ve never really been in the position to hear that much high school gossip, but there does seem to be less of it. When I do hear it, I find my self standing up for these kids or just not caring.I feel like we’ve all heard so much about each other at this point that it makes you look particularly dull if you feel the need rehash some random rumor.

Everything is more relaxed. The atmosphere is different. I don’t know how to describe it other than I wish it had felt like that all 4 years of high school. Then again, things ending soon is probably the only thing that could make it like this.

High school doesn’t last forever. If it’s awful now, I understand. It gets better. And if nothing else, if it doesn’t, it ends. My advice would be to not let old grudges from your underclassmen years keep you from engaging during your last few months with people that have (probably and hopefully) changed so much since you first met them.


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