Productivity | Where I found it

You don’t need to be motivated, you just have to do it. That is great life advice let me tell you. My motivation has been lacking. I have, however, been getting a lot done lately which feels nice. I’m like a real, contributing member of society.

But in all seriousness, I was in a bit of a rut with my school work recently. I found myself sucked in to the bottomless pit of youtube “related videos” pretty frequently. I would waste so much time and afterwards, I would feel gross. I don’t know how better to describe it. Maybe I’m the only one that gets that feeling? Anyways, I’ve more or less alleviated it.

Something that probably has helped was dropping dang near 300 dollars to commit to university. Just a disclaimer.

I’ve been using an app called forest lately. It’s basically a timer designed to keep you off your phone. If you keep the app open for the entire length of your timer you’re tree grows, and you get coins. The coins can be used to buy different types of virtual trees, and, better yet, to plant real trees! in real forests! on real earth! As I’m checking it now, 230,999 trees have been planted through the app so far.

I usually work in pomodoro sessions, meaning I work for 25 minutes and then will take a five minute break. Ideally I’d increase the amount of time I’m working before I take a break, but for now, I’m content.

I don’t spend a ton of time grinding away at homework. On an average night, I’ll go straight to the gym after school and then get home at about 4:45. When I get home, I’ll eat . Usually I’m starting homework around 5:30 and I’ll finish it up by 8. I’ll find time either in the morning or during study hall to finish whatever is not done by then. From 8 to 9 I give myself productive free time. I’ll either practice guitar, write, or read. Then at 9 I’ll start getting ready for bed (night routine will be a later post).

I thought I’d include that to show you that even on nights where I have a ton of homework or no plans to go out, I still have time to myself. I do more than just homework.

Anyways, I know this time of the year can be hard to get through. If you get off the internet, I assure you that you’ll make it through.


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