I know I just posted about not feeling particularly drawn to a certain school.

But I’ve done a lot of self reflection lately. I smudged my room with sage, I journaled, I went to yoga. I did a lot of thinking.

I still am not jumping up and down with joy. I am confident in my decision though. I had a person, super smart and successful, someone I trust, suggest that I flip a coin to make my decision. I was kind of shocked, but she had a point. Either school is fine, and I’ll be fine wherever I end up. When she suggested that though, I realized that I did have a preference. I didn’t need to leave it up to chance.

So, 280$ later, I’ve committed to a school! And I’m happy, not jumping up and down, but happy. It still doesn’t feel like it’s really happening. Maybe I’ll start a countdown or something.

Oh! Maybe I’ve mentioned this before, but I really want to study abroad (sooner rather than later so I don’t talk myself out of it ha). I’m thinking that would make for an informative series? All the research I’ve done so far makes it seem really confusing. Hopefully I can help streamline the process a bit.


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