Excitement for college… or lack there of

Hey! It’s February. And college commitments are coming up in a mere 4 months for a lot of places.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pumped to go off to school. I think about it all the time. But I still haven’t put down my downpayment and committed anywhere yet. I’m between two schools ( I only applied to 2 ha ). I’m not feeling particularly drawn either way.

I watched many a snapchat stories of my peers crying (tears of joy, at least that’s what I inferred) as the opened their decision letters. The majority of my friends have picked schools and have roommates already.

I’ve been left thinking, when does it click for me? I don’t have the same passion for a specific school, there hasn’t been one that’s been my dream school forever. I’ve felt bad about it, like I’m doing something wrong.

As I speak to people that are actually in college, that aren’t current high school students that feel the same pressure and expectations I do, I realize that it’s not like that for everyone. And, frankly, it doesn’t matter if it is.

Wherever I end up, I know I’m not doing myself a disservice. I’ll be getting an education, trying new things, being somewhere new(ish). I also feel like I’m less likely to be disappointed if I wind up somewhere and it doesn’t complete my existence. No where is going to do that (and no one is going to do that!!)

Worst case scenario,I don’t mesh with the school I choose and I transfer someplace else. Annoying, yes. But life will go one.

Friendly reminder to work through and dispose guilt you feel for having different ideas, feelings, or plans, regarding higher education. There’s enough for us all to deal with right now.


2 thoughts on “Excitement for college… or lack there of

  1. I’m in kinda the same boat… Except most of my college decisions come out in March/April!!
    Then I’ll have a month to decide..
    Good luck choosing! Have you visited the campuses?


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