What I Use to Manage My Time

I thought about writing up an introduction, but I really don’t want to. Talking about yourself in a way that comes off as genuine and humble, but still complimentary is hard. I think the best way to get to know someone is to learn where they spend their time- so I’ll share that. First, though, let’s start with the foundation of my schedule.

I’m really happy with what’s happening in my life right now. I have a fair amount of things to do, but all of these tasks are pretty flexible. I’m going to enjoy that for as long as I can. I see so many of my peers, who are seniors in high school like I am, that either have nothing to do (which is sad) or don’t plan out their time and thus are super stressed (even though their work load should be totally manageable). I love love love planning. It makes me feel in control of my life and reminds me that I am a productive, contributing member of society. I’ll go in depth about how I plan in later posts. In the meantime, here are the three systems I use to stay on task

1)The standard  Apple Calendar App

super simple, I know. I don’t always have my planner on me, so I store the big, set in stone commitments here. That way I always have them on me

2) Paper Source Planner

paper source.jpg
photo from: https://www.amazon.com/2018-Let-Pencil-Academic-Planner/dp/B0721N6VL5

First off, it’s just cute. The quote on the front is polite enough to keep me from coming off as conceited, but sassy enough to remind the world how much I’m getting done. Kidding. Anyways, this planner is aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, there’s lots of room to write with the monthly and weekly views

3) The Productivity Planner

proudcitivy planner
photo from: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/intelligentchange/productivity-planner-get-more-done-and-beat-procra

This is the newest addition to my arsenal. I break the rules a little bit on how I use it- I’m incredibly rebellious, I know. More on my modified usage later. I mainly use this on the weekends since I have more control over what assignments get done when.  The productivity gives you a format to prioritize tasks and get them done in a reasonable amount of time

This was pretty short. Ill say that’s because I know people like things are are easy to digest. I will also say that other things have my attention right now; writing this was ranked fourth priority  in my productivity planner today.  Hope you have a positively eventful week!

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