Senior year observations

We’re more than halfway done with senior year! Or I am anyways. Honestly, I’ve never been big on school spirit, and I’m still not. But our class community is so different this year. Some of that might just have to do with me. The beginning of this year was probably the most stressful period of […]

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Yet another Tour

I had another campus tour today. It was different being there now that I’ve committed. It made me really anxious to start college already. Not in a bad, nerve wracking way. It just seems so much more exciting than my second semester of my senior year of highschool.

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I know I just posted about not feeling particularly drawn to a certain school. But I’ve done a lot of self reflection lately. I smudged my room with sage, I journaled, I went to yoga. I did a lot of thinking. I still am not jumping up and down with joy. I am confident in […]


I forgot (college is hard already)

I’m currently really frustrated with myself. (also hi, long time no read). I didn’t do anything that horrific or life threatening. I forgot a deadline. This never happens to me. Despite some other flaws, I’m very organized. So much so, that it’s been used against me as an insult (it wasn’t an effective one). Anyways, […]

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An Introduction

So this side project was definitely neglected for a bit. Oops. A few months ago I had a “what the heck this only happens in movies” situation. It was overwhelming, hard, and something I’d never ben through before. Anyways, I’ve really relied on journalling to help me make sense of it all. But that’s a […]

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What I Use to Manage My Time

I thought about writing up an introduction, but I really don’t want to. Talking about yourself in a way that comes off as genuine and humble, but still complimentary is hard. I think the best way to get to know someone is to learn where they spend their time- so I’ll share that. First, though, […]

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